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Quality, ISO 9001, ISO TS 16 949


ISO 9001
Society cooperative KOVOPLAST, has implemented a quality management system certified by ISO 9001 since 2001.

ISO TS 16949
One of the main objectives was the introduction of appropriate quality system standard for automotive industry ISO / TS 16949. The result of intensive preparation was successful certification audit conducted in 2006.

The level of established quality management system is regularly reviewed as an external certification company SGS so internal audits carried out by experienced internal auditors.

The quality control
Our products are subject to prescribed inspections from the receipt of material to final expedition of finished products. The method of control is defined in the control plan, which is always part of the production documentation. The control outputs are continuously recorded and evaluated.

We are equipped by the most modern measurement techniques for dimensional inspection and evaluation of the stability of the manufacturing such as:

  • 3D measuring machine Mitutoyo C 544 CNC

  • Digital profile projector KESTLER

  • Spectrophotometer X-Rite 962

  • All measuring and control devices are subjected to regular calibration.

Continuous improvement
One of the long-term objectives of the organization, is an effort to continuously improve and enhance the quality and efficiency of production and services. For this reason we have introduced the use of the PDCA model as a tool leading to continuous improvement.

PDCA cyklus

  • Plan - Naplánuj

  • Do - Proveď

  • Check - Zkontroluj

  • Act - Uskutečni

Metod 5S
We also decided to initiate a gradual implementation of the 5S method in all production processes in order to introduce this method into the whole company as part of continuous improvement.This method is used to establish and maintain of the order of the organization by standardization of workplaces.

Seiri (Separate), Seiton (Systematize), Seiso (Still clean), Seiketsu (Standardize), Shitsuke – (Self-discipline)

Benefits of 5S implementation

  • reducing of hidden waste throughout the organization

  • improving of the quality and safety

  • reducing of the production time and costs

  • an increase in profit

Quality policy
Cooperative society KOVOPLAST, wants to get one of the leading market position of injection molded plastics in the Czech Republic by continuously enhancing the quality and coverage of new products and services. We would like also to expand awareness of the cooperative society as the producer of tools and molds and extend customer´s territories in abroad.

Perfect products and services for customers themselves are not objective of the cooperative society but its essential prerequisite. All activities focus to achieve the most stable and respectful positions in the market, as well as the highest profitability of all products.

This quality policy, the management team fully committed to promote continuous improvement and provide the necessary resources for its achievement. For continuous quality improvement management team periodically defines the quality objectives, which are further elaborated for the individual departments of company. Objectives and their implementation are regularly reviewed and evaluated.

Improving product quality and process efficiency is a priority for each worker of the cooperative society. Every worker has direct responsibility for the quality of all outputs which produced and even within teams.

One of the basic means for achieving the above mentioned objectives is the continuous monitoring of the needs of the past, present and also future customers as well as other parties involved. Under the requirements of all parties involved the cooperative society incorporates also the non-expressed, expected or usual requests. Surveillance is a means for monitoring customer´s satisfaction.

Another means include the enhanced awareness of quality, training, courses and ongoing improvement of the skills of all workers.

The system of control and enhancing of the quality incorporates also the suppliers and parties involved who are requested to prove the quality of their products and services. In future we will focus to the quality of individual items entering the processes.

Quality Manager
Bc. Vladimír Velecký
   +420 572 520 512
mob: +420 731 455 628

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