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Machinery metal stamping

Machinery metal stamping, technology

Metal stamping

PRESSES - Attachment

These presses can be used with these additional modules:

  • Pneumatic and spring retainer

  • Automatic feeding device coils

  • Straightening device coils

Press tonage


   10 tun


   25 tun


   40 tun


   63 tun


 100 tun


 160 tun


 Hydraulic press 40 tun


 Hydraulic press 100 tun


 Hydraulic press CDC 2-7


We also work on hydraulic presses with a maximum compression force of 40 and 100 tonnes.

Other technologies working metal stampings

Shear cutting is performed on table shears NTC 1250/2,5. We process sheets, max width 1250 mm and maximum thickness 2.5 mm.

Drilling, deburring
We drill and deburr holes on desktop drill up to a diameter of 12 mm. We provide further work on the column drill VR 2 and VO 32.

Thread cutting
Thread cutting is performed on mechanical and pneumatic thread cutting machines up to M10. We are able to construct special jigs for multiple thread cutting in one cycle.

Spot welding
We weld sheets up to a thickness of 2.5 mm on the spot welding machine WBPL 40 and R16.

To remove burrs caused by cutting on bend saw is used belt sander 100 x 1220 HU and disc sander B 175.We also perform grinding of round parts on cylindrical grinding machine 2 UD P2/500.

We provide the manual rolling on sheetmetal roller up to a thickness of 2 mm. We also use an electric bending profiles.

Degreasing of smaller metal parts is performed with ecological washing table IBS-type M with using of MANPOWER RED or EL-Extra 001067 liquid.

Batch deburring of parts up to dimension 100 x 150 mm is performed:

  • in a centrifugal device deburning machine TURBO OST 80 (the capacity of one batch is 80 liters)

  • in a vibration device of tumbling machine Rossler R 220 EURO-P with circular dryer RT 250 EURO.

We provide assembly of simple products from fewer parts in our factory.

Surface treatment
We are able to procure all required surface treatment in cooperation. We have experience with galvanizing, eloxace of aluminium, chrome plating, cataphoresis and hardening.

We offer cooperation in our mill, where we can establish cooperation in a series of required stamping parts according to your project. Maintenance tools we provide in our tool. If interested in mass production fill in the form, or mail to:, then we will contact you and arrange a form of cooperation.

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