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Policy EMS

  • monitor continuously and comply applicable laws and obligatory regulations in the field of environment

  • monitor constantly the condition of the environment and monitor continuously all aspects that may affect it

  • reduce the risk of threat of the environment by gradual modernization of technological processes

  • educate continuously all employees in continuous care for the environment

Environmental company profile KOVOPLAST v.d.

1. Introduction
The environmental profile consists of the following criteria in KOVOPLAST v.d.. This profile is intended for information for all employees, working parties and the public.

2. Register of aspects
Environmental aspects register is one of the starting materials for the determination of environmental policy, which is continually updated.

3. Criteria

  • to ensure environmental protection in accordance with current legislation

  • to consider the environmental management as part of company management and by the internal audit to check compliance with defined criteria

  • effectively use and minimize the need of energy and raw materials, thereby reducing environmental impact and minimize the occurrence of emergency conditions

  • to reduce waste and pollution - to ensure the safe handling, including liquidation

  • employees have defined responsibilities in a relationship to the environment and are required to follow procedures designed to minimize the emergence of the state of emergency and incidents

4. Monitoring
Overviews of energy consumption and waste produced are monitored and evaluated annually within the management review.

5. Conclusion
Company management KOVOPLAST v.d. fully agrees with the criteria of environmental profile and undertakes that it will permanently create all the conditions and provide necessary resources for their permanent implementation.
Due to the increasing pressure of our customers and fulfilling of their demands for quality of products and services, was in KOVOPLAST vd, gradually introduced and certified quality management system ISO 9001 and ISO / TS 16949.

Technical Services manager
Václav Hodulík
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